06/28/2007 01:55 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Paris Hilton Is Better At PR and Marketing Than Howard Rubinstein and Richard Johnson Put Together

Wait a minute. Let's take a deep breath. Isn't anybody going to say the obvious?

Or are gossip columnists and other adult folks in the publicity/gossip/news business just too jealous.

The truth is that Paris Hilton is a genius at a very hot contemporary game. She's better at PR than Howard Rubinstein and Richard Johnson mooshed together.

Why? Because Paris Hilton (what a great name: somebody in that family has a lot of style and a sense of humor) gets richer and more famous every day.

She's a canny 26-year old entrepreneur who makes millions of dollars a year on such ventures as her TV show and her cosmetics line.

Deride her. Deride her values. Deride her intelligence. Deride her fans. It just brings her more fame and money.

I'm not a big fan of fame and money -- but hey, I'm a serious minority in the world we live in. Every one of her vitriolic critics would kill or at least maim for her fame and fortune.

I watched closely as she politely answered mundane questions posed by Larry King.

I swear she doesn't have a bad angle--even upside down.

Admit it. She looked beautiful leaving jail.