09/20/2011 12:57 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Make It Memorable: Celebrating Everyday Moments

The launch of something new is always worthy of celebration, and we're both thrilled about the debut of Stylist Home -- a site dedicated to one of our favorite topics. To mark this special occasion, we're excited to share a few thoughts on celebrating moments both large and small.

Susan Feldman: There are so many things we can embrace every day that are well worth celebrating, and there is nothing I love more than finding a reason to celebrate.

Make Everyday Special
Something magical happens when you introduce fresh flowers or a beautiful plant into a space. They're a great way to celebrate life's little occasions, so don't reserve them only for big parties, especially since they can be purchased so reasonably at your local flower market. At home, try putting flowers in your entryway. It's nice to have a little something to make you smile every time you walk in the door.

Setting the Scene
I love setting a special table at home on a regular weeknight. There are no table-setting rules anymore; it's all about experimenting, and my table setting can be inspired by just about anything. It's really the gesture that's important. I love using antiques one the table and a classic silver coffeepot, creamer and sugar bowl can make coffee service feel so like a real occasion.

Love Your Work
We spend most of our days at work, so why not make your workspace feel special? I recently read that studies have actually proven that having flowers around positively impacts people's moods, making them less stressed, more compassionate and more productive. Try celebrating the start of the week by adding flowers to your desk on Monday, or better yet, bring flowers for a co-worker.

Alison Pincus: When I think of celebration, I think of certain individuals in my life who always manage to bring their own unique traditions and talents to both special occasions and everyday life.

Raising a Glass
Toasts are one of my favorite ways in which people celebrate, even long and embarrassing ones at weddings, bar mitzvahs and family dinners. I always look forward to those special moments when certain family members (especially my husband) and friends use their verbal talents as a way to help rejoice and mark memorable occasions.

Cards With Love
Homemade cards that include a personal touch, like a fun drawing or picture, are a wonderful way to praise a loved one. My father-in-law is a poet and he always adds multiple verses to the cards he creates. Whether it's a birthday card, a holiday card or a just-because note, infusing cards with personal talent elevates it to a symbol full of memories.

Personalized Gifts
I have come to appreciate that 'good gift-giving' is a rare talent. My mother doesn't wait for an occasion to arise; rather she is constantly thinking of her daughters and grandchildren and giving us wonderful gifts throughout the year. It doesn't matter if she's online at home or traveling, she's always on the lookout for extraordinary items. I love the idea of celebrating loved ones year-round with spontaneous and thoughtful gifts, which can be cherished for a lifetime.