02/23/2014 06:45 pm ET Updated Apr 25, 2014

3 Questions Millennial Entrepreneurs Get Asked

I'm 29 years old, and I'm the founder and CEO of a food start-up company. When I'm out at events people often ask me these questions.

1. Are you working on a school project?
2. Where are your co-founders?
3. Are your parents funding you?

It's not just me, I know that millennial entrepreneurs are asked questions like these quite often. People are often surprised that I am the founder and CEO based on my age, but I smile and tell my story. Forget leaning in, I've jumped into my career and I am taking control of my destiny.

Millennials are often described as self absorbed, lazy, spoiled, and still living at home in the media. But millennials are also embracing entrepreneurship. In fact, 54 percent consider themselves entrepreneurs and 27 percent of millennials are self-employed. By these numbers, I am not unique.

We also look at success slightly differently, but that doesn't make us lazy. I value the flexibility to work where and when I want to -- which right now, means working around the clock. 92 percent of millennials believe that business success should be measured by more than profit -- social good, environmental impact and quality of life are also important.

I tried it out, and decided that climbing the corporate ladder is not for me, so I started a company that stands for more than just food, but also a commitment to helping people eat healthier and helping more girls go to school.

As millennials, how do we change the way we are viewed? By being out there, being proud of our accomplishments, talking about our experiences, and getting things done. I work hard to stay true to myself, my values, intentions and the mission I'm out to achieve. I hope that by doing that, I am changing the assumptions, one person at a time.