02/08/2015 04:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

6 Ways to Spice Up Your Bedroom


Your home is deeply symbolic of your life. It subconsciously reflects both your goals and obstacles.

February evokes our collective desire to bring in more romance and sensuality into our lives, and your bedroom is your key to accomplishing that goal.

Whether single or in a relationship, spicing up your bedroom means creating a sensual space that appeals to your senses: sight, sound, smell and touch.

Here are six main areas to address, to set the mood:

1. Color

Warm, earth tones naturally evoke a feeling of sensuality. Think deep purples, blues, reds and oranges.

Orange relates to the second chakra -- the energy center in your body that governs your sexuality, among other things -- and a deep orange feels very exotic, especially when paired with a chocolate brown, gold, purple or red.

But, if orange isn't your thing, any color that you love can work. If selecting reds, lean towards a burgundy, rust or a deep shade versus a bright one. If you prefer blues and greens, which are cooler tones, also go for a deeper version. Light colors are fine, but deeper shades create a more enveloped space.


2. Fabric

Adding fabric to your bedroom is an instant way to create the softness associated with a sensual space.

Key spots to use fabric include curtains, a throw blanket on the bed or over a chair, a runner on the dresser, a wall hanging, fabulous bed linens, abundant pillows and soft rugs.

Imagine the liberal use of textiles in Morocco or India, where there are often canopies and other draped fabrics from the walls, ceilings and around the bed. It doesn't have to go to that extreme, but adding some textiles that feel good is a great way to appeal to your sense of touch -- satins, velvets, faux fur, high quality cotton or bamboo-whatever suits your taste.

These touches are also great opportunities to inject color and create a cohesive color scheme.

3. Lighting

A sensual bedroom relies on flexible lighting; meaning lights that serve multiple purposes. The reading lamp is not going to set the mood for relaxation or intimacy, unless it has a three way bulb or is on a dimmer. So, consider those options, or instead, have a couple different lighting choices altogether. Choose colored lamp shades that will temper the light and create a warm glow, or use a tinted light bulb.

And, of course, bring on the candles! This is also a way to add a gentle smell to the bedroom. Avoid anything that's going to hide those natural pheromones and find high quality soy and beeswax candles that are scented with essential oils.


4. Art

When it comes to art and other décor, select pieces that inspire the mood you are seeking to create. Find images that appeal to you personally, but also be mindful of the underlying message of the art; keep that Civil War print or the portrait of Grandma for the den instead.

5. Music

Make sure that you have easy access to music by having proper speakers, an iPod dock or anything else that you need to complete your auditory experience.


6. Personal Touches

Add any final elements that are personal to you to create comfort, joy, sensuality and peace. That might be a stack of sexy or romantic books, a well-stocked collection of massage lotions or fresh flowers; whatever final pieces that will create your version of the sensual bedroom.

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