02/21/2013 05:00 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2013

Arias vs. Apple

Well, today I finally had my media meltdown! It was a long time coming. But today's myriad of
activities I had to accomplish led to the apotheosis of this particular bombardment/nightmare.

First of all, I am not good on new media. (I am not as bad as the older woman of 50!! that was
mocked on The Mindy Project this week who didn't know how to attach a link... but I'm not good.)

When I first got my computer lo those many years ago, I went for a training and was afraid to
take it home for the first few days, as though it were a puppy.

Eventually I got better and did bring it home and called the poor techie who taught me once
a day at least for a year.

Then years went by and I got good... ok, ok, fair on it. Then recently, I took the plunge and changed from a Dell to a Mac. Several nervous breakdowns and two out and out certifiable "episodes" at two different Apple Stores later -- I can't go back to the East Side but I like the West Side better anyway -- I am fairly good at this stuff. I love my Apple! And my smart phone... which I think is an Apple too. Not sure about that. But I love the camera and there are some apps I think I want but I can't figure out how to get them and pay.

But today, there was a perfect storm, a harmonic convergence, a nightmare of media tasks
I had to do at once! And I lost it!

First I was working on Pages, actually writing something. Yes, for the first time in years I'm
in the zone and having a ball writing a book! Well, we hope it'll be a book, my freelance
therapist/editor tells me it will. I'm loving that and in my pj's all day, not eating or doing any
talking to anyone and, did I say, loving it?

But I got an email and the little ping distracted me, so I looked and it was a friend and fellow TV
addict who asked if I were watching the Jodi Arias trial. (This is the alleged murdering psycho --
I mean potential murderer who stabbed her lovely boyfriend 27 times. And lied about it twice and finally confessed, but insists it was self defense -- the first stab I guess. And I'm not sure what the shot to the head was.) Anyway, it's like the Casey Anthony case all over and I confess I'm addicted. I like to watch in real time on HLN because the reporters are kind of calm guys whereas the night time anchors are semi-hysterical women. Sorry fellow women, but the truth is ugly sometimes. Although I do agree with Nancy on this one too!

So, I was torn between my writing which was really going well and the trial. So I decided of
course to watch the trial. But then I realized the phone conference seminar on being a rich
writer versus a poor one was coming up. I am in the middle on that but needed to know how
to improve. So I dialed in on my cell phone because it's cheaper as I don't ever use it and have
lots of free minutes.

So, now I'm watching the trial, listening to the seminar and a text comes in on the phone. I don't know how to text and never give the number out so I ignore it, but it keeps making
funny sounds and stuff. So I hang up because the seminar is kind of boring anyway and just
a promotion for how the promoters make themselves rich off of poor writers.

However, as I am checking my computer stock quotes, I see that my largest holding, Apple,
is the topic of a conference call with a Big Deal Hedge Fund Guy, David Einhorn, who is trying
to force Apple to do stuff that could make me rich! And him richer which is fine with me.
I want to follow that and yet, the trial is heating up with the prosecutor really going after Jodi
and I think he's too bullying and will get her sympathy. So I reduce the report on the Apple call
to small (told you I know how to do things) and go to the Facebook page of HLN and say he should stop bullying. Others comments are both agreeing and not.

Back to the Apple Call with the reporter, another David... Benoit, writing furiously about what
the rich David is saying and it makes sense to me.

I handle my own investments and was a late comer to Apple and took some profit but now it's tanking and I don't know what to do.

Fortunately the trial takes a break, but the crawl on the bottom of the screen indicates that the other trial I'm addicted to, Oscar Pritorius, has some news. Now I'm really torn. But Apple is
winning. The poor, well I assume he is as he's a journalist, David is saying that the rich David
is saying some good stuff and I am agreeing. Numbers come like 17& uptick and $14 dollars
a share and I want to do a calculation on that, so I reach for my abacus -- just kidding -- but it
is an old calculator and see if it would be worth my holding on and it seems to be.

Then the real phone, oh I guess you call it landline these days, rings and it's my editor asking how the writing is doing. I confess I've been kind of distracted and she sounds disappointed so
I say "but I"m thinking of doing a blog for The Huffington Post which you said would be good for me to keep blogging on for the sale of my book" -- someday if I write the book and we sell it.
She says ok. That's right. Keep doing it.

So now during the trial break and the end of the conference call I start to write this blog. But I have to look up how to spell apotheosis and I cant Google because I'm afraid I'll delete the blog. And I can't read any of my scribbles because I have a terrible handwriting and have to type stuff but couldn't do it as I was reading on the conference call blog page. There must be a way to split screens but I sure don't know how.

Anyway, I still don't know what to do about Apple and the trial is resuming shortly, but the
good news is I did this blog and I have not watched soap operas as I usually do most afternoons. Oh and Oscar has to spend another night in jail without bail which I think is wrong.