02/13/2014 01:53 pm ET Updated Apr 14, 2014

An Olympic-Sized mess

Shame on you, NBC. You have shown us the beauty of the country, the people and the talents of the athletes in Sochi. Your coverage has been just wonderful. As a TV producer and director I appreciate the pains you have gone through in finding new ways to highlight the games. But . . . you, NBC, are not just a sports organization. You are our highly respected news organization and you owe it to your public to cover the devastation of the tiny town of Akhshtyr. This is an ancient village close to the venue that has been literally destroyed by a huge construction project that was built to assist in constructing roadways to the games. The town was literally mowed over leaving residents homeless, dogs starving and roaming the streets. Piles of gravel and other waste are heaped onto the road that used to wind through the town causing the elderly population of Akhshtyr to walk miles to obtain their simple needs of food and water. So are we really going to stand by, take home our medals and leave this town in disarray? I hope not.

As a producer of the Sarajevo Olympics I remember how completely concerned the production team was with leaving the country with housing they could later use that had been built to house athletes during the games. The Olympic pre-game team outfitted restaurants with up-to-date electronics. It honored the hosting country by respecting it in every way. Do you really think the Brazilians are going to permit any backhoes to topple their streets or dislocate their citizens for the 2016 Summer Olympics? No way. So NBC and maybe those of us who have so enjoyed hours of entertainment in watching the games can find a way to help rebuild this town and others that may have been destroyed for some sort of gain to celebrate Sochi. I share in the embarrassment of the pain inflicted on the few for the profit of others.