08/31/2015 03:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dancing in the Storm of Feels


Sometimes I just have to stop and ask myself:
What the *%^$ am I doing?

Ever have that feeling?

"I just want to go on record saying that this is not a good idea," my partner Eran said, a couple hours past bedtime. Ignoring this, I dragged him and our son East, where the land meets the great void Atlantic, at Cocoa beach pier amidst sheet lightening and booming thunder.

He was right. History's shown us that. But I was right too.

Sometimes in the face of complete unknown chaos you've just got to run right into the storm.


Wind whipped us, rain spattered us and we laughed with dangerously giddy glee.

On our way down the pier a bar was blasting The B-52s loud enough to make reminisce for my old drinking days. I guess our kid Kailash felt it too because his 2-year-old self started to jiggle and move.

"I wanna dance mummy," He implored above the crashing thunder.

I gestured around me, arms taking in the concrete, wind, rain, emptiness and everything, "Let's dance here under the sky!"

And dance we did. Eran, Kailash and I. Three dancing fools outside a bar with thunder punctuating Love Shack like a new bass track. The sky above promising to open up a deluge so huge.

Sometimes dancing our hearts out in the mouth of the storm is all that we can do.


I just relocated with my family. Flew 3,000 miles across the country, away from friends, family, community. I know literally no one here in Orlando. No one.

I'm often game for adventure and exploration. But, really?! This much?

This week my list is for myself.

1. Trust that sometimes we've got to leap out of our element to grow into something new.

2. Know delving into new territory takes risk. It's always for our greatest good, for our evolution and growth, if we are willing to step up to what is asked of us.

3. Rupture is part of it all. it's how we rebuild that matters. Bones regrow stronger where they are broken.

4. True connections last despite distance, time or proximity. They are deeper and more real than time or space.

5. Dancing in the storm of feels, energy, hard events and beautiful ones is what it's all about. It enlivens everyday events with unspeakable magic.


I'd love to hear what storms you are dancing.

This month with the astral energy of Pisces and Virgo so many of us are adrift in a sea of epic feels.

Storms come and go, we know.

It's who and how we shelter that makes all the difference.

Let's see us all dancing wildly in epic love with absolute freedom!

-- Susanna Barkataki

I teach the "find your freedom" transformative kind of Yoga School and VIP Visionary Business Net-Workshops in LA, Orlando, Fl. and throughout the U.S.


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