11/08/2006 02:33 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Better Than a Texas Whuppin'

What's Better Than A Texas Whuppin'?

Sure, I chuckle along with Tom DeLay's homegrown description of last night's election results... but it gives me pause.

The GOP's agenda has been rejected because Americans want the beatings to stop.

We are tired of killing people in other countries. We are tired of killing our own children to kill those other people.

We are tired of horsewhipping public figures
over their sex lives. We are exhausted with hypocritical self-flagellation. We are sick of bitch-slapping women who need abortions. We are profoundly tired of beating the working people of this country into a bloody pulp.

This election is a repudiation of "whuppings," of all kinds. Let the healing begin, baby! (Could we start with universal healthcare coverage, by any chance?)

This week is my second blog anniversary--  I began my Journal, my first entries, after Bush's reelection, shortly before my mom passed away. What a difference 24 months makes!

My mom lost consciousness, quite literally, after she voted the straight Democratic ticket in 2004, and died a couple weeks later.  I remember an odd comfort in telling myself, "At least she didn't live
to see this!"

In this election, just a few weeks after my father's death, I feel the opposite... he would have been thrilled to see today's results. We would have talked nonstop and swapped news stories. We both shared so many sad post-election days together, that this would have been a rare treat! I would have proposed going out for sourdough pancakes...

Wednesday Wake-Up Update: The best election analysis I've found so far this AM is from London's BBC! 

This story gives a new insight of why the GOP has spent a 50 million to enforce abstinence for 20-somethings-- to preserve their base!

BBC's economic analysis of the American voters' interests is also key... and largely ignored by US media.

Singing in the Shower Update: Sign up Rick Santorum for his first post-election bestiality CR session!

Santorum's defeat is  the most emotionally satisfying election result of all. His sexual shame and violent homophobia was off the charts-- but now he's off the island.

First Cup of Tea Update: Wow-- for the first time in US election history, a gay-hating "marriage ban" has gone down to defeat, in the quite conservative state of ARIZONA.

Does this mean fag-bashing, Karl Rove's favorite sport, is going the way of the dodo?  Or is it just that all the "Log Cabin" Republicans relocated to hogans?

Big Fat Queer Breakfast Update!: Flaming Homos Win Election in Record Numbers! And look at these states, where openly
gay candidates won: Alabama. Arkansas. Indiana. Okalahoma. Missouri. Iowa. Most of these are "firsts." It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy!

The I-Can"t-Wait-Department.
I love Henry Waxman, not just for the next "100 Hours," but because he is the only elected pol I know who has ripped the "abstinence agenda"
to shreds. He stands up for public sex education based on-- you know-- "science."

Those Responsible for the Sackings Have Been Sacked Dept.:
Rumsfeld is "stepping down,"  hopefully right onto his own sword. And he's being replaced by Daddy's old friend... Robert Gates? He's a former Eagle Scout and CIA Director... why does that strike me as a
porn movie?

Rev.Dobson Leaves Rev. Haggard On the Couch: "Citing a lack of time, [!!!] Focus on the Family
founder James Dobson withdrew from the team overseeing counseling for the Rev. Ted Haggard, the evangelical pastor who was fired amid allegations of gay sex and meth use."

My Favorite CrankyPants: Ralph Nader on Democracy Now
this morning with ungleeful, astute, and often funny observations.
Ralphie knows how to follow the money... Let the Corporate and DLC
Ass-Kicking Resume!

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