03/29/2013 06:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Former Senator Blames TV Show for Gay Marriage

Former Senator Rick Santorum blames gay marriage on a TV show. Can you guess which one? Cancelled TV show Will & Grace! For those of you shakin' your heads not knowing what show that is, let me inform you.

Will & Grace was a popular TV show that started in 1998. The sheer gay power knocked America gay so to speak. It displayed gays as funny and smart and clean. It's because of that darned TV show that gay marriage an issue. Gays were just fine before. They didn't want marriage or anything like that. Obvi.

Oh, and Santorum mentions the sexual revolution. My ears were burnin' from that language.


Shot by: Debra Cohen & Sunil Sadarangani
Edited by: Amy Wieseneck