04/14/2015 09:47 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mrs. Sizzle and Ysa Perez Hang with Rincon the Bully and His Busy Dad Brendon Beck


The dog and model du jour are none other than Brendon Beck of "Beck and Call Catering" and @Rincon_da-bully Photographer Ysa Perez followed these two around for a day to learn the ins and outs of catering, cuteness, and mutual respect for each other.

Tell Mrs Sizzle about Rincon and how you and your friends came to adopt him?

My roommate Julian actually went on vacation to Rincon, Puerto Rico to learn to surf and relax. While he was walking on the street, he came across a box of puppies and spotted little Rincon. It was love at first sight and he decided to adopt the little guy. Needless to say, when he came back to New York with him, I was ecstatic.

How do you rotate him with your friends?

Rincon has plenty of "aunts and uncles" that help take care of him. When Julian is traveling for work, I'm usually the one home with him. When I have a big event that I'm working on, my lovely neighbor Steffi helps by taking care of him. Not to mention all the other "uncles" that are eager to babysit. Also, since the Buzzfeed article that was written by our good friend Kaelin Phoebe came out, the wait list to babysit mr. man is longer than for a popular New York night club. It's kind of insane LOL.


Tell about your transition to a catering biz?

I've always had a passion for food. After a few years of modeling I wanted a change and almost fell into it. So just over a year ago, I started my own company "Beck and Call" and partnered up with an amazing chef, Ariel Fox. With her skill set in making amazing food, and my connections in the industry, it just made perfect sense. At first, we started out by catering photo shoots providing healthy, nutritious food that had amazing flavor. Through experience I know what it is like to be on set with terrible catering; it's not a fun experience being on set when everyone is "hungry". We design menus around our clients' wants and needs to ensure that this does not occur. Towards the end of the year, we started catering quite a few events. We catered baby showers, seated dinners and cocktail parties ranging from 40-600 people. Event production is my favorite side of the business. There is no better feeling then when a guest enjoys your food so much they ask for a recipe, that's what it is all about.

How has it affected how you feed Rincon?

We have always fed Rincon a pretty well-balanced diet. Grain-free dog food is a must and flash frozen raw dog treats are the best. Also, when he is being a polite little guy at the dinner table, we will throw him some real food. We try not too spoil him to much in that way or the stubborn fellow won't eat his food.


How do you pick his outfits?

We actually prefer Rincon in his natural birthday suit. When we do pick out outfits, comfort is a top priority. We like Rincon to be stylishly comfortable.

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