Rick Bartlow Loved Painting Dogs Because They Are Always Doing Something They Shouldn't



I had a run in Portland the other day and came across these amazing paintings that, of course, had dogs in them. I made my way into in the Froelick Gallery to find out about the artist Rick Bartow and learned that he had passed away last April. When I asked the gallery about the dogs in his work this is what I found out, "Rick said when he didn't have an idea of what to paint or draw he would look to a dog for inspiration - they were always doing something they "shouldn't"." Of course they were, as they always do.



More about the show, "transformation, bold gesture and articulate line are only three elements to consider in Rick Bartow's art. His passion was working in the studio and engaging with the long history of visual artists. Prolific, experimental and committed to making marks, he left behind a striking body of paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture."



Enjoy these marvelous works and experience them in Portland at the Froelick Gallery on NW Davis Street in Portland, OR until October 1, 2016.