12/29/2014 03:44 pm ET Updated Feb 28, 2015

Family Greetings That Will Stop Your Mother In Her Tracks

Tired of hearing your mother ask you when you're going to find the right person and settle down? Try sending a holiday greeting like this. That'll keep your mom quiet.

In my 14 year self-portrait photo series, LIFE ONCE REMOVED, the image of a "perfect life" is lampooned. Mannequins and humor are used to comment on mid-20th century societal expectations still present for women of a "certain age" to marry and have children. Asking, "Why is it that women need a wedding ring and a baby carriage to be seen as successful?"

Annually, I'll photograph myself posing with an artificial family for our Holiday Portrait for a "Holiday Greeting." Being single at a time that's all about family can make you feel like an Outsider. I got very tired of other people sending me holiday cards, complete with adorable photos of growing kids, and puppies wearing Santa hats. As a single, child-free woman, how could I display my developments over the past year? Was a family a badge of honor, and of a life well lived? Did I need to go buy a puppy and a Santa Hat? I thought, why don't I just buy a family? Taking charge of the situation, as if a credit card purchase would solve what others perceived as my incompletion as a woman.

A Single Girl's Answer to the Family Holiday Greeting Card

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