03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Joe -- We Know Where You Live.

"If the public option is in there, as a matter of conscience, I will not allow this bill to come to a final vote ..." -- Senator Joseph Lieberman

Senator Joseph Lieberman is the rarest of creatures, a political Chimera.
Joe calls himself an Independent, caucuses with the Democrats and is at his
core a staunch conservative. He also shamefully shills for his evil overlords and benefactors of the Hartford Insurance Cartel: Aetna, Cigna, the Hartford Insurance Group to name a few, who together have donated pallets of cash to keep 'Old Joe' in Washington looking after their interests.

On Sunday night, an inter-faith prayer vigil was held in Stamford for the inter-cession of the soul of the junior senator from Connecticut. Five hundred citizens, led by Rabbis, Reverends, and a Imam, representing the Inter-faith Alliance for Universal Healthcare gathered for a peaceful demonstration. Also present were a number of prominent politicians of conscience, among them, Dan Malloy, the mayor of Stamford, State Representative, Bruce Morris, and Hartford's own healthcare hero and community organizer, Juan Figueroa of the Universal Healthcare Foundation.

A large crowd mustered in the parking lot of Stamford High, then marched in a long orderly candlelit parade to the Lieberman residence, a tenth floor condominium across the street from the school. Senator Lieberman's constituents gathered on cold damp Sunday evening to protest his stated intention to filibuster any Senate healthcare reform bill which includes a public option.

Five hundred candle power strong, the assembled sang "This Little Light of Mine" beneath the dark balcony of the empty Lieberman home. From the balconies of the condominium tower a number of candles lit in solidarity to the cause began to flicker.

Near the end of the ninety minute vigil the participants were asked to write a brief prayer or wish on slips of paper to be delivered to Senator Lieberman.

The police officers on duty, in concert with representatives from the condominium association refused to accept the baskets of prayers -- something about anthrax and/or security. Shirley, a woman who lived in the building, volunteered to bring the prayers to Joe and his wife Hadassah in person; the police and man from the condominium association again would not permit it.

Joe, you are not receiving visitors, or accepting mail from the very people who provided you with your own premium health insurance for life, access to the Senate barber shop, the nifty parking place right out front and the single digit license plate -- somehow it just doesn't seem right.

A young man who attended the vigil was kind enough to share his undelivered prayer with me, I think his message to Senator Lieberman represents both the tenor of the vigil and will of the people.

John Murphy wrote;

Dear Senator Lieberman,

"My prayer for you is that you have the courage to vote for a public option and your constituents rather than the healthcare interests you seem to answer to. All of us gathered here tonight fervently pray you regain the passion you once had as the champion of the underdog and a true fighter for consumer rights. Your inaction and opposition to the public option is not consistent with your faith.
Please open your heart and your mind to the needs of all Americans ... we all need healthcare. Peace be with you."

This message and your own can be forwarded to the Senator Lieberman's office.

Joe -- we know where you live.