10/28/2016 10:37 am ET Updated Oct 28, 2017

Your Intention Is Your Puzzle And The People You Meet Are The Pieces

During times of trials and tribulations we often look at why someone is not working with us or giving us a shot. Sometimes these people might be family members and sometimes they are co-workers and friends.

I want to explain why this happens in the easiest way.

First you must have an intention. Your intention is the puzzle and the people that come into your life are the pieces that make your puzzle fit together.

My intention is to spread mindfulness to the millennials and the underdogs.

There have been many times in my life where I wanted someone to work with me and they said no.

There have been many times where I have been rejected and told I was not good enough.

And I often wondered WHY?

And now I know.

Because those people that said NO didn't fit into my puzzle; they didn't fit into my intention in life.

There are no Rejections, just Redirections.

Look at people in your life that said NO. As hard as it was or is at the moment, please understand that they are not a part of the overall vision of your life.

Sometimes we want a peace to fit in the puzzle and it just won't because it is not supposed to be there.

So let go and let god. You will find the peaces to fit into your puzzle.

Start with an intention and watch everything work out for you.