06/14/2009 12:45 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Obamas, Netanyahu & Queen Elizabeth's recent Facebook Postings

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Stayed up 'til midnight and got the username Barack.Obama and am excited. Celebrated by buying burgers for the staff.

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Benjamin Netanyahu: Some Israelis felt insulted by the picture of you with your feet on the desk while talking to me on the phone. That's considered an insult in some middle-eastern countries. Just had a fabulous falafal near Bet She'an.

My bad, Bibi. It won't happen again.

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Benjamin Netanyahu: Apology accepted, but why are you refusing to accept me as a friend? You accepted 621, 385,429 friends. I'm being shown that we have the Clintons, Elie Wiesel and Andy Borowitz in common.

EVENT: Did you watch my speech? Did I concede enough? Too much? Did I look fat?

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Malia and Sasha haven't stopped talking about our tour of Buckingham Palace. I'm hoping Queen Elizabeth will remember to ask the royal gardener how they protect the gardens from snails. Scored a great t-shirt at Banana Republic.

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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth: I am delighted that we connected and am taking some fashion tips from you. Would like to unload my hats and tiaras. If I teach you how to do the royal wave, would you be kind enough to show me how to use eBay?