04/10/2014 12:00 am ET Updated Jun 09, 2014

Helping New Moms, One Text At A Time

My journey working in maternal and child health began almost two years ago. Although I was aware of the various health disparities women face every day, I was shocked to learn that there are so many who struggle to have a healthy pregnancy. I've seen the simple, yet momentous occasions when many of my friends have entered motherhood, and was naively unaware of the amount of preparation, research and support needed to stay healthy and bring a healthy child into the world. And as I've listened to more mothers talk about their experiences with labor and delivery, I've learned that every child that is born safe and healthy is a blessing not to be taken for granted, regardless of background.

Jacqueline was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (GDM) during her second pregnancy. Diabetes during pregnancy increases the chances of having high blood pressure, needing a cesarean section at delivery, and getting type II diabetes later in life. She became overwhelmed with managing her own health and growing a healthy new life at the same time.

Luckily, Jacqueline was able to get sound medical advice and regular care. Her wellness nurse suggested that she manage her blood sugar by eating healthy, being physically active and taking insulin shots as needed. There were also many tips and support available through the National Diabetes Education Program and local groups to help manage your health.

Another one of her nurse's treatment recommendations was to sign up for Text4baby. Through the service, created in partnership with founding sponsor Johnson & Johnson, she started to receive information on a wide variety of health topics that any mom would need, including baby's development, safe sleep, nutrition, signs of labor and breastfeeding, but also received information specific to her needs around gestational diabetes. She later said, "Text4baby reduced my stress about treating my felt like I had someone there for emotional support with medically sound information, who truly cared how I was doing throughout my pregnancy."

Statistics show us that Jacqueline is not alone in her struggle to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Surprisingly, the United States ranks near the top of the list among developed nations in infant mortality due to lack of health information, lack of access to care and poverty.

Without proper medical care and services like Text4baby, moms like Jacqueline might not have a chance to receive to lifesaving health and safety information. Having a healthy child is a blessing. I am now acutely aware of the numerous struggles women face, and feel humbled and honored to be able to offer a service that helps them make decisions that lead to healthier pregnancies.

Text4baby is currently a featured cause on Johnson & Johnson's Donate a Photo app. If you would like to help a mother give her baby a healthier start, download the app; with just one photo a day, you can help support Text4baby's mission of delivering critical health and safety information to pregnant women and new moms.