04/27/2012 10:19 am ET Updated Jun 27, 2012

Tweets That Will Ruin Your Relationship

I just read this New York Times article about people causing strife in relationships because of their Twitter or status updates about situations that should probably be private. All I can think is, how stupid are these people? Yes, we've all had the urge, but keep yourselves in check, people. To help you all, I'm in the process of compiling a list -- a list of the worst things you could tweet. Below is the start of it. If you ever feel like tweeting the following or some variation thereof, stop -- call someone up, write in a diary, or confess to a stranger, but why must we shout from the rooftops when our boyfriends are napping on the job?

Ten Tweets to Avoid That Will Ruin Relationships

1. #DontYouHateWhen I just texted my boyfriend a naked pic of myself. He texts back we need to talk.

2. #SomewhereRightNow A man is listening to his girlfriend. It's not here.

3. He just blamed autocorrect for spelling my name as Veronica. #TextsIHate #ThingsCheatersSay

4. #LiesIveToldMyParents We're waiting. We're not living together. He has a job.

5. #LiesIveToldMyBoss Feeling super sick today! My boyfriend came down with the same thing - Viva La Mexico!

6. I keep telling him it happens to every guy and that it's not a big deal. #whiskeydick #DontYouHateWhen

7. #YouKnowItsLoveWhen He doesn't mind that you told him you were thinking of someone else the whole time.

8. I didn't know some straight men watch gay porn. #IDontUnderstandWhy he thought he had to hide it from me. #ItsAllGood

9. #ImProudToSay It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would.

10. My boyfriend just asked how twitter works. #DeleteYourTwitterIf

Feel free to comment with some of your own!