01/21/2016 03:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Confidence Helps Children Succeed in Life


As I stood at the bus stop to pick up my 6 year old, I saw her little face before she even got off the bus. She was sad. Upon exiting the bus, she fell into my arms and cried. "Mommy, I had a bad day." Was all she could say as she buried her face into my jacket. When we finally got home, I held her and told her to cry. Once she was finished, I asked her, "Honey, what happened? Why were you crying?"

She looked at me and begins to explain her day. "It was good until I got on the bus and a boy called me a fool." Then the tears began to roll down her cheeks once again. As I wiped her tears, I asked her, "Well, are you a fool?" She immediately stopped crying and looked at me surprisingly and says, "No, of course I am not a fool Mommy!"

"Then what are you?" I gently asked her. She began to sit up taller and explain what she was. "I am kind, smart, excellent, a good leader, helpful, friendly, and a good listener. That's what I am Mommy." I looked at her so proud and gave her a high-five and said, "That's right! And anytime someone calls you a mean name you say those things to yourself. You cannot control what someone says about you; however you can control what you say about yourself. That's what matters most."

She jumps up and down and says, "Oh Mommy thanks so much you are the greatest! I feel so much better now."

Success in life depends upon the hard work and the right direction but there is one important factor that shapes the life of an individual. This factor is the confidence. From childhood, it is vital that parents help build confidence in their child. Parents must be careful enough to treat their children with positivity and introduce enthusiasm as both leads to a raised confidence level. Parents should create such atmosphere where their children can prosper with full confidence.

Get Good Grades

When parents focus on building confidence, it creates a sense of pride in the child to succeed. One of those areas is good grades. It is founded by the various studies that children having confidence tends to get better grades than the ones who lack confidence. Good grades will lead to a better college and then a better occupation. Children with confidence are also better learners as they are not frightened to raise questions and they have more curiosity, hence better at the experimental work.

Phenomenal Interaction

Notice the conversation with my 6 year old. She was able to communicate effectively her thoughts and feelings and our interaction was great. When you increase confidence in children your interaction with them become exceptional. As children grow older, confidence will give any person an upper hand to handle any type of interaction with important personnel. Specially in the sales business, people with confidence are required. They succeed in interacting with others.


Confident people are trusted more as they are more confident in what they do. Remember when I asked my child if she was a fool and how she responded? She was confident that's not what she was; she just needed to face it. People always rely on others who are confident and thus success comes easily to them. Confidence also introduce the perfection in the work. Employers always admire those employees that have confidence on their competencies.Trust worthiness are the trademark of confident people.

No Fear of Losing

It is better to lose rather than not to try. Children having the trait of confidence are not afraid to try new things and they do not fear losing as they are taught so. Risk is the factor that every professional has to take to achieve any set goals. Children having the habit of taking risk are more psychological stronger to deal with the loss. Fearless children have more tendency to grow intellectually.

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