07/17/2014 03:21 pm ET Updated Sep 15, 2014

Beautiful Part 2

A few days ago, I wrote an article on what I thought made someone beautiful. It got me thinking about what others felt about the concept of beauty. Why would they call someone "beautiful"? I decided to use social media to get my answers, my Facebook friends helped me tremendously. I still didn't have as many answers as I wanted so I started asking people walking down the street, at the grocery store, at starbucks and I got some great answers. I asked people "What do you think makes a person beautiful?" So here is the verdict:

"To be underweight instead of overweight!!!" - Patircia james

"A kind heart." - Rumaan Mehdi, 9-years-old

"People who are beautiful know who and what they are. They are comfortable and at peace with themselves." - Ghazala Murshedi

"Putting others first and seeing things through someone else's eyes before forming judgments. Gentleness in words and deeds, all these make a person beautiful." - Nickie Smith

"A kindly spirit makes a person beautiful, When you feel someone else's pain and you want to help ease that persons pain, and when you reach out to a to a stranger, that's what makes you beautiful."- Zarin Qudosi

"I think Arianna Grande is beautiful." - Usman, 13-years-old

"Being George Clooney." - Ann Johnson

"Using skin whitening creams makes you beautiful!!" - Amarah Gillani

"A sense of humor, being kind and humble makes a person humble." - Sana Ali

"Kindness and humbleness makes one beautiful. God loves these qualities too." - Atika

"Seeing beauty in others." - Tayyaba Nasir

"When my husband gives me the remote, he is the most beautiful person on Earth." -Leticia Romero

"I think someone who is beautiful, doesn't have to be gorgeous or pretty, they have to be a good, kind, loving and caring person. People who think they have to be pretty to be beautiful is not true because you're not going to stay pretty forever but you will stay beautiful from inside forever!!" - Noor , 16-years-old

"Beauty is when you overcome your needs to help others, inner beauty reflects through one's good deeds. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!" - Bushra Siddiqa

"A beautiful person has absolutely nothing to do with looks." - Stephanie Arbuthnot

"A good heart trumps physical beauty any day, but it is hard to see that unlessone knows that person. However if a person smiles often, even a passerby can find that countenance beautiful!" - Maimuna

"Beauty can be purchased at the MAC counter ( just kiddng), beauty lies in the coherence and articulation of words." - Nuzhat Hussain

"Being yourself, always." - Sarah Mazhar

"If you want to fit into High School, you have to be really skinny with long blond hair and perfect skin. I don't have any of those so some days I feel really un-beautiful." - A 17-year-old who didn't want to disclose her name

"Selfless, compassionate and loving , I think of Mother Teresa or AdulSattar Edhi when I think of beautiful! Also people who are kind to animals are beautiful." - Nazish Zaman

"Beauty often lies in the eyes of the beholder... definitely applies to physical beauty. However spiritual beauty is something that definitely comes from within and reflects on a person's being and reflects on a person's not just being a face. I think beauty is very subjective." - Zainab Ali

"Beauty is something that cannot be seen, it is a state that transcends all senses .... Beyond words and feelings. It is indicated through selfless acts and simple gestures that bring you to the point of gratitude beyond description. It is the gentle support you receive when you are the most vulnerable and weak." - Saema Khawaja