07/30/2014 05:02 pm ET Updated Sep 29, 2014

Can I Just Be a Writer, Please?

I wrote a book. It's always been my dream to write a book (like 81 percent of all Americans). Growing up, the kind of stories that I would cook up were definitely meant for television soap operas, but as I grew older, something inside of me clicked. I started to connect with the universe around me. I felt like there was a deeper connection that I had with God as compared to others. People around me prayed and preached religion; I on the other hand talked to God, he was my best friend and confidant.

I started to write about my fears, concerns and joys. I wrote about the pain I saw around me and how to deal with it. I created stories that revolved around the pain and suffering of people and how they coped with things mentally. And I started to keep a journal. I wrote about how I dealt with things and how I learned strategies through the years to help others. It was easier to help others rather than myself. So there came a time where I used those strategies on myself and succeeded in achieving my goal and wrote about them. My book talks about what worked and what didn't work for me. I wrote my book in about one month which gave me pure joy.

Anyway the reason for all this is, I always believed that my job was to write and the rest would just happen but apparently not. I knew I needed an editor, but I never realized there was so much more involved, like getting the inner layout, the book cover, the back of the book, get an ebook cover, find an agent and a publisher or self publish, marketing and so much more. I am so overwhelmed with all this and always believed that a writer should do just that- write. Writing my book was so much fun but I am now taking one step at a time. I know I can write I just don't know how to get from finishing my book to helping others who will read it. I was lucky to find an awesome editor, but now I will now take on the role of a layout designer, a book cover designer , an agent , publisher a marketing person and so much more and just like Diana Nyad said on Super Soul Sunday " Find a Way." I know I will find my way but I thought I could just be a writer....