04/06/2015 07:15 pm ET Updated Jun 05, 2015

Finally a Police Department That Cares!

Every day on social media, we see numerous images of police brutality. We tend to judge the police officers and their questionable attitudes. But a few days ago, I witnessed a great event and it made me realize that not all of them are "bad guys." I would say many of them are really awesome and put their lives in jeopardy to protect us.

I want to give a shoutout to the Irvine police department who came to talk to the Muslim community about hate crimes in the areas. Many Muslim women are being targeted on a daily basis.

On April 1st 2015, the Council of Muslim Women invited members of the Irvine Police department to talk to the community members about hate crimes in the area. This was in an attempt to educate community members on how to deal with hate crimes and the difference between a "hate incident" and a "hate crime." Police Chief David L. Maggard explained the difference between the two and he also encouraged community members to report any such incidents that would classify as a hate incident or crime. The Police Chief brought some of his team members which included Sergeant Frough Jahid, Commander Julia Engen, Commander Matt Mahoony and Lieutenant Walid Abdel-Samad. This was very encouraging and eye-opening for the 40-50 people that attended this community forum. After an informative talk by the Irvine Police department, there was a detailed question/answer session. It was a great event which gave a lot of information and made the attendees feel safe and prepared in case of any incidents.

I myself have been a target for a few hate crimes myself. Being an American Muslim woman, I have been targeted, even though I don't cover my head (not that the women that do should be targeted) and I dress as "American" as can be, so listening to the Irvine PD and their efforts to assist victims of hate crimes and hate incidents made me really happy. I wanted people to know that most of the members of the police force are good guys, especially the ones in my area!