09/22/2014 05:46 pm ET Updated Nov 22, 2014

Let Your Heart Hold the Pen

So I gave birth all over again. My pregnancy lasted for about 40 years, the labor pains about six months and finally I have a brand new child in my life. I'm sure you are thinking that I am crazy but the truth is, I just published my first book and yes it does feel like I gave birth.

The journey was a long one, a journey that was lined with thorns yet each thorn had a small flower growing in it. The journey was one where love was found and lost, where goals were shattered and created. It was like a long dream that was a nightmare at times but eventually a happy ending came.

Many people ask "How did you do it?" and I never used to have an answer for them. I usually smile and say "Umm well it just happened." When I further pondered on that question, it occurred to me that writing your heart out is difficult. One of my friends asked me, "Tami aren't you afraid to put your heart into words for the whole world to see, in case someone who is not meant to read it gets a hold of it?"

It made me think, why do we fear showing our heart to others? Aren't we all humans, who were created to love? Deep down we all have the same insecurities and fears, our biggest fear is that people will hurt us. Our biggest joy is to be surrounded by love. Why then do we fear spreading the love through our words?

I used to feel the same way but once I realized how powerful a word can be, I embraced the power to put my heart out on a piece of paper. Instead of being intimidating it became exciting. Because I know that every time my heart holds the pen to write -- words don't come out, love flows through me. I know someone in the world is feeling like me and may not feel alone. So my oath to myself is that I will always write from the hands of my heart or I wont write at all! Stories from the heart are the real stories.