06/02/2015 12:01 pm ET Updated Jun 02, 2016

The ABCs of Living a Life of Peace, Tranquility and Spiritual Abundance

Yes life is tough, I am the first to admit it, but being a person who has just started to live life on my own terms at 40+, I wanted to create a life of contentment and peace. By contentment I don't mean to take everything life throws at me and to quietly accept it, but to be grateful for what I couldn't change and work towards what I could. So I came up with this list which has become my bible on days when I am not feeling so positive and upbeat about life. It's a list I made to create a life of simplicity and abundance, of utter silence from within and of pure peace.

Here are the ABCs of living a life of peace, tranquility and spiritual abundance:

A- Approach each day with a passion and excitement. Open your arms for all good things that are coming your way

B- Be who you are and stop putting on a mask on to please others

C- Cut the crap- remove negative people and things from your life

D- Dedicate your life to "You" and the ones you love

E- Enjoy the little things in life like a beautiful sunset or a smile from a stranger

F- Forgive, forgive and forgive

G- Give to others in the form of love and kindness

H- Happiness is the key to living a healthy peaceful life , find happiness in everything

I- Invest in your own passions. We do so many things to make others happy but we don't invest enough time to follow our own passions

J- Just relax and enjoy the moment

K- Karma is a bitch. Put good energy out there and that's what will come to you

L- Love IS the answer to everything. Love yourself, the people around you, nature and just love life!

M- Memories are our very own treasure boxes. Use them carefully when you are feeling down

N- Never underestimate your own strength

O- Open your heart and soul to the beauty around you.

P- Pessimism is a silent killer

Q- Quietly accept your flaws and greatnesses, vwork on improving your flaws and be proud of your
inner greatness

R- Relentlessly pursue your goals and dreams

S- Silence and stillness are the strongest tool we have. Only when we silence the chatter in our mind can we find ultimate peace

T- Take time to nourish your soul, even if it's five minutes a day

U- Unload guilt, past disappointments and the fear of the future from your inner being

V- Voice your opinions about things that make you happy and also about things that upset you so people around you can understand you better

W- Walk in the direction of happiness , don't walk backwards and clutter your mind with events from the past

X- eXhale... nothing ever stays the same, good times will come

Y- YOU are the answer to all the questions you have. Look deep within and everything you need is inside of you

Z- Zillion -- the number of reasons you should be grateful that you are alive and breathing, that you have been given this wonderful opportunity and a chance to live a good and blessed life!