08/28/2014 05:04 pm ET Updated Oct 28, 2014

Sofia Vergara Haters -- Just Shut Up!

Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

It's not often I profess to know more than Newsweek or the Chicago Tribune. But I sure as hell do today.

A lot is being said about Sofia Vergara's rotating pedestal act at the Emmys. Most of it bad. Very bad. Newsweek and the Chicago Tribune are just a small slice of the pie. Social media tore her to pieces, calling her every name in the book.

To all of them, I'd like to caringly say: shut the hell up!

It is not Sofia Vergara's job to be a role model for Latinas. Nor is it her mission to be a voice for women everywhere. She is an entertainer, comedian, business woman and former model. And, by the way, she is quite good at all those things.

The Latino community slammed her for perpetuating negative Latina stereotypes and making a mockery of their community's strong sense of family. Ouch!

It has also been written that her actions have once again painted women everywhere as little more than ditzy sexpots. Blah, blah, blah.

All right, settle down everyone and get a damn sense of humor.

A beautiful, intelligent, hard working girl has a right to exercise a little humor at a gathering of her peers without being responsible for the entire Latino community or the sexual perception of women everywhere. This wasn't done to her. She participated freely. And cleverly. What is everyone talking about when they discuss the Emmys? Exactly!

Would we be having this discussion if Hugh Jackman had been displayed shirtless on that rotating pedestal? I think not. This was tongue and cheek, people. A parody. A lark. And a creative way to present a boring part of the show. Geesh!

Jealousy is an ugly thing. So is assumption on the side of arrogance.

In short: get over yourselves.

If you or your children's idea of self-worth hinges on the actions of someone you don't even know, then you have bigger problems, and they have nothing to do with Sofia Vergara.

I thought what Miss Vergara did was whimsical. I saw a beautiful, successful, intelligent woman exercising her right to be fun and silly on her terms. Bravo for her!

She has been labeled by many as a "gross, stereotypical objectification." She is, in fact, everything but.

I'm pretty sure that God wants us all to use everything he gave us. And, boy, does she ever!

Listen up, if I had what she had, you could call me whatever you like. I'd be laughing all the way to the bank.

In case you missed it, here it is for your viewing pleasure!