03/30/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

A Poem About Haiti -- My Thanks

haiti earthquake grabbed me and the world
like an angry parent
shaking us to the core
testing to see if we had learned to play nicely
bringing us, the world, together

i could not even think of buying an extravagant anything
as the immediacy and reality of the horror of haiti unfolded

these became, not the 'people suffering on the other side of the world"
(although they were)
these were real people with hearts and homes

i know, in tragedy, they always are

but with the world and twitter
they became real
the grief as sobering and sad as if it were my people
and with the world as it is I guess we are now a global people
and so it makes sense that these are, in fact, now my people

they shit happens
and sometimes in horrific and catastrophic proportions
but it is not that it happened
but how we responded, that matters

humanity, in this case, has taken my breath away
thank you


Tamsin Rothschild is a Creative Artist, expressing primarily as a poet, performer and theatre director, with a refreshing enthusiasm and love of life. Through her work she captures the multidimensionality of human expression and her brightness brings a warmth and authenticity. She is dedicated to assisting people to live as Creative Artists blurring the lines between Art and Life.