01/09/2012 06:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Photo Book Documents Male 'Cruising' (PHOTOS)

When it comes to gay culture, the term "cruising" doesn't mean taking a leisurely boat trip, exotic sea voyage, or oceanic journey. It means something quite different.

Filed under "Gay/Nature/Photography," Cruising by Chad States (with text by Gordon Grent Ingram, Ph.D., and Alec Soth) is a visual exploration of the eponymous practice, whether conducted in far-off parks, public restrooms, or secluded woodlands.

The 100-page hardcover features 80 full-color photographs that investigate the mysterious, but no less mammalian, sexual practice.

Cruising by Chad States

Cruising is available for order here.

This piece originally appeared on Pop Curious.