05/03/2012 06:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Good Art, Hlywd Style (PHOTOS)


(© Josh Warner, Good Art Hlywd)

Josh Warner of Good Art Hlywd handcrafts pop-culture staples such as Cracker Jack prizes, Monopoly charms, whistles, zippers, and bullets, but while the atelier's biggest medium is bling, Good Art skillfully manages to make things that are equally utilitarian and ornate. Whether it's army men, desk skulls, or a $2,125 lighter that's also a religious icon, Good Art's pirate-inspired baubles play with texture and proportion, while subverting traditional aesthetics and redefining the meaning of luxury. By breaking the rules, Good Art lives up to its name and reflects an aesthetic that's quintessentially LA.

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Good Art Hlywd