05/04/2012 12:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

My Little Pony Project (PHOTOS)

2012-05-03-ONCHMOVEMENT7copy.JPGFor nearly 30 years, My Little Pony has been coveted by kids of all ages, making it possible for each of us to actually have the ubiquitous "pony" we've all wished for, at one time or another. Today, My Little Pony has reached a new generation of li'l pony-seekers, and the colorful childhood staple continues to be a source of inspiration for old school fans, too. My Little Pony Project features super-cute contributions by 25 pop-culture engineers, including Blythe (Junie Moon); Luke Chueh; Mark Mothersbaugh; and Perez Hilton, just to name a few. On exhibit at Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles, these kawaii creations promise to appeal to My Little Pony fans everywhere, with partial proceeds of the 18-inch, one-of-a-kind equines going towards Give Kids The World. See more pictures on Pop Curious.

My Little Pony Project