07/25/2011 02:54 pm ET Updated Sep 24, 2011

Addressing the Future of Women's Health Care

For the past four decades, the medical specialty of women's health has struggled to grow beyond babies, breast cancer and osteoporosis. Women have insisted on a more "whole body" approach to their health since the 1970s, yet hospitals and clinicians have lagged behind in their ability to provide integrated diagnostic, preventive and acute care to women.

Health care reform may be an opportunity to help women get exactly what they want from their health care: an emphasis on prevention, a holistic approach to diagnostics, doctors who talk to each other, accessible and integrated medical records, and a system of care that rewards keeping us away from unnecessary medical tests and hospitalizations.

From July 13-15 a historic gathering of more than 250 U.S. health care executives from 100+ Spirit of Women affiliated hospitals and healthcare systems convened to discuss building the future of women's health for both profitability in the enterprise of healthcare and enhanced health outcomes for women of all ages.

What new roles are emerging for doctors as active partners in health care rather than prescribers of treatments? How are U.S. hospitals emerging as "lifetime medical homes" rather than acute care facilities? And how is the rapid rise of the internet, social networking and digital data basing changing the face of health care forever?

The future of our health is now. Come build with us as a consumer, a provider or a hospital executive.

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