04/27/2015 04:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, Resort 2016

Like most fashionistas the thought of waiting until September for a new fashion week was almost painful. Luckily Australia was able to grace us with new designs during their Resort 2016 shows last week. Even though I observed the catwalk from my desk, the shows opened up my eyes to a new group of talented designers.

When social media started promoting MBFWA, I became extremely curious as to what country was hosting this fashion week. I then typed into Google- MBFWA, and I was happily surprised to find out it was for Australia. As I began researching the presenting designers my jaw began to drop as I viewed their past collections. Each design was more ornate than the next. I then started my own countdown for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia.

My favorite thing about the clothing featured during this fashion week was how the designers and their teams were able to manipulate fabric. One collection that has been embedded in mind since last week is Maticevski's. For those who don't know the designer, he has an avant-garde style and has been recognized as a "technical genius". My favorite piece of his new collection is the Encompassing Dress. This piece has the volume and draping expertise to make any head turn.

Another designer that stood out for their use of fabric manipulation was Strateas Carlucci. The designers used the wave tuck technique to create incredible texture on a blouse, dress, sweater, short jacket, and a mid length coat for both women's and men's clothing. This feature completely changed the feel and appearance of the knit fabrics used, and really made the collection special.

Designer Michael Lo Sordo's Resort 2016 line was consumed with whimsicality. This element was highlighted through the use of silk chiffon micro pleats throughout his collection. This fabrication allowed him to create fan-like gowns, blouses, and skirts that could transform any lady into a goddess- an Australian goddess. The enchanting gowns designed by Michael and his team made his collection stand out, and has made me a fan of his work for shows to come.

One of my favorite collections to walk the runway of Carriageworks was Betty Tran's line. Her drive to create pieces that empower women to look and feel great about themselves truly shines with this collection. Her pieces highlighted women's curves through tight silhouettes and gathered trains. One piece I really admired was a red waistcoat with black embroidery that had a floor-length gathered tail. Her designs and use of red were reminiscent of older Valentino collections. This is one of the reasons why I feel ardent about the line and the designer.

When many of you think about Australia, kangaroos and the Outback are the only things that come to mind. However, once you review the collections produced by these talented Australian designers fashion will be the only thing that will come to mind.

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Photo: Instagram @Australia / @vincent_Bondi