12/12/2013 04:00 pm ET Updated Feb 11, 2014

How to Chose Quality Over Quantity

You know you when you get to that point in your life when you feel overwhelmed?

It's true. We all get there. I still go there. We get into the space of: "How am I really going to do it all?"

As women, we have more and more opportunities every day that we can step into. How do we get there? Where do we go?

When we go into overwhelmed mode, we sometimes need a reminder that it's okay to gift ourselves permission as a woman to keep expanding.

This is what I do and I want to share it with you. It's a simple exercise that will assist you in getting through these points in your life, and help you receive the clarity you need to design your life in a way that is unique to you.

It's about quality versus quantity.

What things in your life do you have, just because? What things are really lasting? I know in my life, it has to be more about the quality of the experience (or thing or person) than the quantity.

I am always expanding into luxury, beauty and deeper relationships. Here are two ways you can deepen your relationship with yourself, and the the woman you are here to become.

1. Make a list the things that you know are quantity. The relationships, the clothing, the things you love.

2. Make a list in your life that are just about quality.

Then start giving yourself permission to to clear the things that are quantity-based.

Every time you get overwhelmed, let go of more of the "quantity" and begin to choose the "quality".

Let me know how this experience is for you. Share the insights that you have. What are the quality pieces in your life?

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