12/14/2012 10:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How To Know When You're Ready

Are you ready? Are you really ready? I'm here to tell you, yes, you are.

Many women I work with ask me, "Tara, why haven't I achieved my vision yet? How do I live my desires?"

But when an opportunity arrives for them to say yes to what they really want they stall. Instead of saying yes, they stop themselves cold.

Watch Video: How to Know When You're Ready -- A Four-Step Process

I want to share with you today a four-part process that will assist you in answering the question, "Am I ready?" So the next time you have an opportunity, remember this.

Following this process separates women from just thinking about what they want in life to actually living the life they desire.

1) The opportunity would not show up unless you were ready. This is a big one. I learned that if the door opened for me then I must be ready to walk through it, even if inside I felt scared. You need to learn to trust life as a woman. If you were not ready the opportunity would not be there. When you are ready, the opportunity appears.

2) Stop waiting. This is a big one. Waiting is overrated. You don't need to wait until you have everything figured out. You can start right now. Don't wait for things to show up -- when that door opens, don't wait! Waiting doesn't serve when you're making a decision.

3) Find a mentor. You need somebody that you can look up to, to support you -- somebody that has been where you've been wanting to go and who can hold you accountable. There's going to be pieces of you that will wonder "Oh no... did I really want to go through this door?" A mentor can help you walk through the door with confidence and ease.

4) Surround yourself with a group of people who are following their path, people that believe in dreams, desires and the importance of remaining at a high vibration. Find a support group of people that will really believe in you. You can easily find people who will join you in excuses, in waiting, in someday, in safety. However, it is invaluable to find supportive people in your life that believe in living life the way you intend to live it.

I'd love for you to share below. What opportunities are here for you right now? What doors are already open for you to walk through?

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