08/06/2013 12:39 pm ET Updated Oct 06, 2013

How to Overcome Procrastination

Yesterday my parents left France after a visit and I woke up this morning feeling a little bit sad and more impacted than I thought I would. I was supposed to be in my office two hours ago working on a project, but I found myself dragging my feet this morning.

This is what I want to ask today: Is there something in our lives we know we should be doing but we have been avoiding it?

I should have been working this morning. But I've been cleaning the house, picking up the kids' toys, organizing.

Today I want to shift that for myself and for you. I want us to become aware of what we are avoiding when we procrastinate.

What is the one thing that we can do that we've been avoiding that can shift our energy and create the most space?

When you procrastinate, recognize there is something you're avoiding. Ask yourself what you are avoiding. This will give you the energy and help gift yourself permission to move forward.

Overcoming procrastination is part of your evolution as a woman.  When you avoid something you are actually resisting the next big step in your life.

As you shift your energy around avoiding,  you'll actually be clearing space and allowing yourself to receive and evolve.

Get ready to receive and evolve! Leave me a comment below.

1) What are you avoiding?
2) Let us know when you've done the one thing you have been avoiding.

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This is for Your New Yorker: She is ready to step into what she really needs and receive the energy required to do it.

Your Indie loves the shift in energy and the space that opens up when she stops procrastinating.

Your Frenchie will have more creative energy to gift you when you clear up being stuck.

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