01/31/2013 01:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How To Prepare and Plan Without the Stress

My resistance to planning is something that I used to struggle with. I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with planning.

I either over-planned or didn't do it at all! In the last couple of years I started to lean towards the latter. It just felt safer and I was void from expectations.

Here is what I have learned about the importance of planning and here is how to actually plan in a feminine way. It is called Sensual Planning.

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Enough of the overwhelm and anxiety.

I want to share with you three steps to Sensual Planning that you can begin to implement for this New Year.

They may feel a bit backwards for some of us that are used to planning in a masculine way. So notice if you have resistance to any specific steps or all of them. This will give you some further insight into what is getting in your way this year.

Step 1:
Set your intention for the year. Now I am huge on this and you may find yourself saying, "Ohhh here we go with this intention thing again." So then ask yourself, "Did you do it?" Do you have an intention for this year? Not just a thought in your head, but an intention that is written down and was created to support you fully this year.

Step 2:
Set themes for each month in the year. This is a process I share that incorporates all your Femme Types. What you can do is sit down with your calendar and create a theme for each month. Don't over think this. Trust your Intuition. For example, in January your New Yorker may say "organized," your Frenchie may say "beautiful" and your Indie may say "deep." Once you get into the additional steps of sensual planning, these themes play a large role in assisting you in making decisions that will support your true desires this year.

Step 3
Make a list of what you want to experience this year. Before you put anything on the calendar, make a list of what you truly desire to experience this year. Making space for this is the first step in an important aspect of sensual planning. Do you want to take ballet lessons, visit France or Italy, stay in a tree house, and connect more with a loved one? What is it you want to experience?
These are the first three steps to Sensual Planning.

What are your tips to planning?

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