02/21/2013 05:18 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2013

The Importance of Planning

It is the beginning of a new year or a new quarter. You are going on a trip, or it is simply Monday. It does not matter the specific reason. You have just got the urge to start planning.

So where do you start? Get the calendar out and go... Wrong. For me, this is the wrong way to go about planning!

I believe there is a better way for women to get more effective results and feel amazing in the process! Read the underlined part again. Now focus on the last part of the sentence: "Feel amazing in the process"! After all, isn't that what it's all about?

Who wants to be completely planned out and prepared for 2013 but be miserable in the process? No one. And yet, it happens to so many women.

Where most women get it wrong is in the importance of planning itself.

It's not about getting things on the calendar or scheduled. And it's not even about achieving all your goals. It's about deciding how you want to feel before, during and after what you are planning. How is that goal (I don't like that word, but we will use it for now) or accomplishment going to make you feel?

Let's create an example, like planning a trip to Europe. Say you want to take a trip to France in June. Start by asking yourself some questions before you take out that day planner.

• Why do you want to go to France?
• What is it that makes you excited about this voyage?
• What would make this an amazing experience?
• How do you want to feel when you first step off of the plane or when you walk down the old cobblestone streets?

After you've started to get clarity on your intention and vision for your trip, then you can start to plan it all out.

At this point you have already discovered what you want the experience to be like. This will help guide your planning process.

If while you are searching for flights you are torn between an early morning flight and an evening flight then think back to your discovery process. Which one feels better? Which one is in alignment with your intention for this trip? Does it feel expansive to arrive in Paris early in the morning or later in the evening right before dinner?

This process will ensure that you are making enjoyment the most important part of planning your experience.

Now just because we used an experience this time does not mean you have to stop there. You should start planning your weeks, months and even the entire year this way. How do you want 2013 to feel? What has to happen by the end of the year to make it an amazing year? What is your theme for this year?

How would it feel to have your entire year planned out this way? Imagine having more effective results and feeling amazing in the process!

I want to help you enjoy 2013 to the fullest.

Most women get overwhelmed and frustrated when it comes to planning their year.

I'm going to personally hold your hand and assist you in planning your year so you can allow it to become the most profitable, powerful and authentic year you've ever had.

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