11/18/2013 07:39 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

What Is Sensual Planning?

I get asked a lot, "Tara, How did you do it? How did you move to France? How did you create your life? What was your PLAN?"

Planning is a tricky thing! Part of my life happened the way it did because I have a different way of planning.

I have a Sensual Plan that I set up in my life that allows my goals and desires to unfold organically, in line with who I am.

There was a time in my life when I wanted to push planning away completely. Or, I would get stuck in over-planning in a way that didn't feel good!

When we think about planning, sometimes we can get really masculine about it. It sends us into overwhelm and exhaustion, and we feel guilty when we don't "stick to then plan."

Sensual Planning is different. It allows you to infuse yourself and your desires into your plan.

There is a way to plan as a woman that doesn't involve over planning. You can allow yourself to create big movement in a way that allows the truth of who you are and what you desire to unfold.

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