03/27/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

A Look at LA's Go Green Expo


The second annual Go Green Expo was held this weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center, during the same time and place as the auditions for America's Got Talent, the LA Art Show and LA Fitness Expo. It was particularly fun watching the different groups exiting the crowded LACC parking garage, from the artists, to beefed up guys, to a woman dressed as a mime. I headed on to the 300+ booths devoted to eco-friendly living.

It was hard coming into the tail end of the keynote speech by actress and holistic living author Mariel Hemingway, as she and the other panelists were speaking about the cultivation of bees, so I spent most of my time browsing the exhibition booths. From solar powered backpacks to electric bicycles, organic beauty products, clothing and green pet care, if it was green, it was at this expo. It was a bit overwhelming, but below are a few things that caught my eye during my visit.


First, I stopped at the Print Responsibly booth and ordered 300 free eco-friendly business cards from over 30 templates to choose from. The same deal is available on their website; you just have to pay for shipping.

I sampled a grape with pesticides, and then a grape after it spent three hours in a Detox Bag. The bag absorbs pesticides and chemicals found on fruit and vegetables by utilizing natural light, whether indoor or outdoor, to penetrate and release toxic pollutants into the atmosphere. The pesticide-free grape tasted cleaner, of course. These Detox Bags last for about a year, or until the dots inside the bag disappear. So, basically, just take your Detox Bag shopping, place your fruit or vegetables inside it for three hours, wash, and enjoy the real taste.


I soon found myself in the Pet Zone area, where I put my hand in some all-natural kitty litter made from wheat -- Swheat Scoop, which, unlike clay litters, is biodegradable, chemical-free, fragrance free and certified flushable. It's available at PetCo, Gelsons and many other locations. The company recommends making the change gradual for your cat by mixing it with your current litter and then making the switch.

A popular seller with attendees seemed to be Vapur's anti-bottles, which are reusable, foldable, attachable, freezable, washable and BPA free.


Besides the booths and speeches, yoga classes and an indoor rock climbing wall were available to attendees. Oh, and I briefly saw some guys from slide by in latex costumes and looking like the Blue Man Group. Apparently, the website is an online eco-directory.


The Go Green Expo heads to New York in March, Philadelphia in April and to Atlanta in May.