03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Be Your Own Analyst (VIDEO)

Wouldn't we all love to have someone tell us what to do to get everything we want? That's what keeps the industries of religion, psychics, mystics, and crazy spiritual leaders thriving. The more desperate you are, the easier you're sucked in, and the more these industries thrive. The worse the state of the world, the more easily fear is created by institutions, and the more their industries thrive.

Relying on a person or institution for your own sense of well-being and worth in the world is in many ways more deadening than the tragic shortened life of a junkie. The mechanisms of control may be non-lethal, but these outside authorities are equally paralyzing, and their range of influence is unfortunately much farther reaching.

Happily, this control-lobotomy is completely reversible. We first have to choose to wake up, then we have to wake up, and stay awake. Have you ever had a bad dream where you knew you were dreaming and decided in your dream to wake up? It takes effort to wake up instead of staying with the bad dream until morning (sleep is comfortable), but it is a choice. You have the power to do something about it.

If someone has ever told you that everything you need is not inside you, they are misinformed, misaligned, and have forgotten what is always there. Or, they're just trying to control you. Have compassion with them. Speak to them on a soul level, and assure them that they are fully equipped with the tools to live a happy, healthy, prosperous life, and be of service to others. Be nice to people. Fear is the biggest industry in this country. The only way to beat it is to choose to unsubscribe.

Self-reflection and practice leads to being more effective in the world, and builds qualities that are useful in serving others from a grounded place. Controlling institutions try to teach that self-reflection is selfish. More honestly, it's dangerous - to the institutions. Siddhartha, Jesus, Muhammad, and other reflective beings communicated what was revealed to them, that is also there for us. Great beings have taught us to follow our hearts, not them. Be kind to each other, cultivate your highest self, and go out into the world and do good.

We're not perfect. We're not meant to be. Our faults, our failures, and our darkest moments are our lessons. When we pull ourselves together and face our own darkness we become stronger, more grounded, more aware, and more awake. From this place we can be of use.

Being our own best analyst takes work; there are no short-cuts! Yoga can help us by creating space for watching ourselves and uncovering some great tools for that work, but even yoga isn't a short-cut. "Yoga people" bouncing around and frolicking with "spirit fingers" can get stuck on the surface without transforming the inside. If you've ever had the experience where a yoga person (or any person) feels "weird" to you, it could be because you sensed this disconnect between what's on the outside and what's going on inside. Remember the body is the mind, is the psychology, is the higher self. It's all the same. When you do the work of creating your own healthy mind and body, what you express on the outside will be you, and the life you live will be yours - not what anyone else tells you to look or be like.

Transform difficulty into rebirth. Have no difficulty? Look closer. You're not separate from the world. The world is full of suffering. Sensitize yourself or remain stuck. Look around and take it in. Out of difficulty comes something interesting. Look around at the hardships in the world, get a grip on your own, gain some gumption and do something interesting already. What are you waiting for?

This practice will build strength in your core and lower body. It's part of a 4 week series. Body, mind, and psychology are the same. Feel like jumping out of the pose, or fixing your hair or outfit when things get challenging? Try observing that sensation and staying with it. Interesting things to come.