05/24/2010 12:04 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Home Retreat: Introducing the New Staycation

Wherever you go, there you are. We all know it's true. However I'm sure I'm not the only one who daydreams about a serene getaway trip to make "where you are" a little easier to slip into zen. Meanwhile I know that I'm not going to be getting on a plane sans iPhone, laptop, and itinerary any time soon. So in solution to our collective need-a-vacation-desperately dilemma, I'm proposing -- by uncovering what is already there -- the Home Retreat.

Slightly different from the traditional staycation, the home retreat centers around creating a serene environment within your home, and sprinkling the to-do list with inspiring, refreshing, and creative ideas you've always planned to get around to some day when you have the time.

The home retreat is flexible in nature: It can last an hour, a weekend, or a week or more. It's up to you and completely moldable around what inspires you. Your home retreat can be a meditative moment, a movie marathon, a painting party, or whatever else gets you relaxed and feeling good. Your home retreat starts now:

Step 1.

Clean your home. Just like you plan and pack for a traditional vacation, your home needs some preparation to be converted into your sanctuary. You'll need to clean the clutter, dust the shelves and organize your closets. Make your home a clean slate where you can relax without jumping up to do the dishes. Mark your calendar for your home retreat date and plan your preparation time. Cleaning can be done in stages; try not to let it overwhelm you. It's part of the cleansing process and needs to be done anyway. And as a bonus, after your home retreat you will have a relaxing home to live in.

Step 2.

Plan your Home Retreat. Decide what inspires you lately and pick a theme for your home retreat. It can be a home spa, home yoga, movie marathon, literary fest, or whatever else you can dream up. It can't involve endless web or TV surfing, returning work emails, or balancing the budget. It has to be something that brings out your creativity and leaves you feeling energized. Get supplies, whether that is a new scrub and facial mask, hitting the Amazon book list, or the Netflix queue. You want to have everything set up for optimal home retreat experience.

Step 3.

Get off the Grid. Plan your home retreat and stick to it. You deserve this vacation. You might not be out of the time zone and away from wireless signal technically, but you are off the grid. Enjoy it, revel in it and have a good time. You've earned it.

Let me know if you home retreated. I'm planning mine now! Keep in touch. I'd love to hear your tips and home retreat stories.