03/03/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Top 10 Reasons To Go Upside Down (VIDEO)

Turning yourself upside down is great for your vitality, health, and can even change your perspective. Inverting will give you a boost of inspiration but shouldn't shake your reason. So if you find yourself clicking around on Sarah Palin's new Virginia-based PAC site, or empathizing with Republicans in exile after a series of headstands, consult your yoga teacher, or your analyst.

Inversions deliver what pharmaceutical commercials promise. Pain relief, increased blood flow, depression relief, feelings of wellbeing, and more. Unlike prescription drugs, inversions have no harmful side-affects as long as practiced correctly. If you're first-timer make sure to enlist a local trusted yoga teacher for guidance.

Imagine a pharma-style commercial with a couple dancing around in a field, and then they break out into some head, hand, forearm, and shoulder stands. High blood pressure, obesity, depression, thyroid imbalances, and the common cold can all be remedied and prevented by a regular inversion practice. Your yoga practice is a wonderful preventive health care plan. So invest in your health. Attend yoga classes regularly and you'll see and feel the difference, and find yourself in the doctor's office a lot less.

Top ten reasons to go upside down

1. Got a headache? Yes. It seems counter-intuitive, but it's proven to work. Give it a try next time a stress headache or hangover settles upon your brain.

2. Party Tricks. It's always fun when a yoga-off breaks out at a house party. Come prepared with your inversions and you'll receive massive yoga props.

3. Think much? Practicing headstand regularly makes healthy pure blood flow through the brain cells. This rejuvenates them so thinking power increases and thoughts become clearer.

4. Vitality! Insures a proper blood supply to the pituitary and pineal gland of the brain. Growth, health and vitality depend of the proper functions of these two glands.

5. Can't sleep? Memory shot? Tired all the time? People suffering from loss of sleep and memory have recovered through a regular headstand practice, and have become fountains of energy.

6. Got a cold? Your lungs gain the power to resist any climate and stand up to any work, which relieves one from colds, coughs, tonsillitis, halitosis (bad breath) and palpitations.

7. Can't go to the bathroom? It's not fun to talk about but it's true. Headstand gets things moving for those suffering from problems in the bathroom.

8. Thyroid slowing you down? Shoulder stand stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid glad which are situated in the neck region. Due to the firm chin lock in this position, blood supply is increased and voila! Metabolism of your dreams.

9. Got fear? There is a lot of fear associated with going upside down. Conquer your fears with a regular inversion practice.

10. Too tired to go upside down? Lie on the floor and stretch your legs up a wall. For the best effect, make sure you get your hips right against the wall. You'll get most of the benefits of all the more challenging inversions.