04/22/2009 02:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Yoga For Facebook Addicts (VIDEO)

If you've identified yourself as a Facebook (or HuffPost) addict from the 10 warning signs article that made its way around the internet last week, I've come across a remedy. This post is for you.

Not surprisingly I have found myself on Facebook more than usual this week, chatting back and forth about Facebook addiction with friends and strangers alike. I have a bunch of new friends now, and that's cool. But, I found myself in a self-reflective pickle. On one hand, I find myself sucked into Facebook when I'm trying to do work, even as I write this article. (I know, sad, right?) On the other hand, connecting with people is good, especially when there's an exchange of exciting information. Shout out to Daniel Boyson for sharing (through Facebook!) the New York Times link about non-sugary breakfasts including morning pizza. Now that's my idea of breakfast. Good stuff!

I tried to keep a little distant from last week's confessional, because I wanted immunity. This wasn't really about me. Which is what I kept telling my friends as they expressed concern on my Wall. But I have ultimately realized that I am just plain guilty of Facebook addiction, and all that goes with it.

I found myself glued to my screen, clicking away while longing for a solution to my dilemma. Then suddenly it presented itself. Yoga for Facebook Addicts. Too much Facebook (or HuffPost) time is a recipe for aching wrists, and crunched spine and hips. A slumped torso is terrible for your body and your state of mind. This short routine I put together re-aligns the wrists, lengthens the spine and opens the hips. It will hopefully put you in a good mood too.

I'm not suggesting that this routine is the cure for Facebook, or even that there needs to be a cure for Facebook addicts. I'm also not going to speak out about abolishing your account or anything crazy like that. Your own sensibility will hopefully help you find the right balance of Facebook time. The purpose of this routine is simply to refresh your body, just as you do your browser when you're checking for updates on your Facebook page.

So really this is not a cure at all. It's an enabler.

And on that note I leave you with 10 reasons that I love Facebook, followed by the routine. See you on FB!

10 reasons that we love Facebook (even if we're addicted)

1. We meet awesome people. I met and interviewed Justin Blazejewski, a yogi who has been to Afghanistan and Iraq 7 times in the last year. He is a normal kid doing extraordinary things. That article coming soon.

2. We keep in touch. I keep up with friends from high school. Without Facebook, it would be much harder.

3. Interesting articles. My friends post things that I might not find in my own web research. Tim, Waylon, Lola, you guys rock!

4. Seeing a photo when you message someone is nice.

5. Clicking through photos of people you know is fun. Actually, clicking through photos of people you don't know is fun too.

6. You can promote your business. The beginnings of my yoga studio, plus my Free Yoga in the park stunt, were made possible by Facebook.

7. Shameless self-promotion. You can promote your blog or article and your friends will surely check it out.

8. You can be in control. Block and add who you want. Your Facebook experience can be as small or expansive as you want.

9. Events. Not like I ever go, well, not that often, but you never have a lack of something to do since the Invites took off.

10. It's fun. Facebook is fun. Stalkers, fake friends, real friends and all, we love it.