01/15/2013 09:19 am ET Updated Mar 17, 2013

Writing... and Other Fun Things

This is a questionairre I adapted from another student blog I found called Olivia's Opinions. It seemed really neat and I wanted to give it a try.

1. What's the last book that made you so mad you had to throw it across the room?

I don't believe I've ever thrown a book... Hmm. But I think the last book that made me mad was "The Dumbest Generation," because although the ideas were really interesting, it bothered me to hear so much critique against my generation. Some of it was fair but I felt a lot of the superlatives were innacurate. I understand that a lot of our time is spent "wasted" on electronics and I'm as guilty as the next person. However, we DO read and are more aware than the book gives us credit for. Fine we aren't all as informed as we could be, but the percentage of uninformed seems (to me at least) to be decreasing.

There were also a lot of stats that, while they served to prove the statements, really messed up the flow of the book. Those stats belong as footnotes, in a research paper or at the back. Not so intermingled with the text and sticky stories.

2. Which do you prefer, awesome notebooks or cool pens?

I prefer cool pens. When I was little, I used to sort of collect really nifty pens and I still love using pretty colors or pens that look interesting. My favorite pen, in case you're wondering, is fountain style with an adjective on the base and scented ink. I have one in yellow and my sister has one in purple. They make me smile all the time.

3. Would you keep writing your story if someone had already written something similar?

It depends. Usually, I like to write original pieces. I'm not a huge fan of stories that are too much like another, so most likely not. I would probably not have even started a story on a topic similar to another story that I was aware of...

4. Name the last animal you wrote about.

Do I write about animals? I don't think I EVER have... Maybe I wrote about the zoo during my trip to China.... So, a panda?

5. List five writing cliches.

These aren't bad but they are cliché!

  • Ending happily ever after
  • Bad turns good
  • Rags to riches
  • Male heroes
  • Talking inanimate objects (like food or animals) that preach morals

6. A djinn can make you the world's best writer with a snap of his fingers, no hard work required. Would you say yes?

No. It's about the journey not the destination. It's fun to work your way up because then reaching your goal feels that much better.

7. If you could throw anything in your house out of the window right now, what would it be?

A glass cup. I'm still trying to figure out how it would crack. (I have yet to research or ask someone for the answer. I really just want to try it...)

8. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

Hazelnut. Does that count?

No? Alright... Milk then. Although I'm beginning to like dark chocolate more and more....

9. Coke or Pepsi?

Coke all the way.

10. Real or fake Christmas trees?

Fake, although I love the smell of real ones.

11. Plaid or stripes?

Stripes, because I think there is more variety and plaid can get kind of tedious...

12. What is your favorite movie?

Yikes. My moviecation is lacking... However, recently I saw and loved "Pitch Perfect." I've also always loved "The Sound of Music."

13. Coffee or tea?

Tea, made the Indian way with milk and spices and served with salty, spicy snacks.

14. Weirdest writing habit?

I draft A LOT on my phone, often even when my computer is available...

15. Favorite hat?

A white beanie of sorts my grandmother knit me, or my deerstalker cap. Yes. As in the Sherlock Holme's kind.

16. Warm weather or cold weather?

Depends. I like Spring and Fall weather best. Cold is nice when it snows and hot is nice after the cold.

Now here are some questions to keep it going. If you feel like doing this for fun, here are my add-ons!

  • Sweaters or hoodies/fleece?
  • Morning or evening?
  • A song that reminds you of your childhood?
  • Favorite book?