11/13/2014 10:49 am ET Updated Jan 13, 2015

Dear Kim Kardashian, You Are More Than a Great Ass

Dear Kim,

I watch your show Keeping up with the Kardashians and follow you on social media. I see how much emphasis you put on always looking perfect on the outside for the public. If people hate your outfit, catch a breakout on your face, don't like your hair, think you gained weight or see a wrinkle when you smile it seems as though that is what defines your worthiness and you go to great measures to fix those things that are all perfectly natural.

You are great for so many reasons besides having a fabulous butt. It seems you are a caring and loving mother and wife. I can tell you would do anything for a member of your family and you're a loyal friend. It's honorable that you take time out of your busy life to spend it with loved ones. I've seen you give back. You take the time to acknowledge your fans. I'm not sure if you know this Kim, but you are so much more than a beautiful butt, face and breast.

When I watch your show it makes me really sad sometimes. There are millions of impressionable young people watching and it scares me that they are buying into some of the messages you are giving. Your audience gets breakouts on their faces, gets bad hair cuts, looks bloated sometimes and some of them have wrinkles when they smile. It's all a part of having a whole, perfect and complete human body.

Since you say that your show is reality I'm going to assume that everything on it is real. Some of the messages I see from watching are:

Everything is about you.. The truth is nothing is ever about you which if you think about it is incredibly freeing. If someone tells you you're beautiful it boosts your ego and makes your day. If someone tells you that you look old and tired it hurts your ego and destroys your self confidence. I've seen you on your show take some pretty drastic measures to change the things the public doesn't like about your exterior. If someone is sitting behind their computer writing horrible things about you, chances are they are struggling and unhappy themselves. Happy people aren't mean. Have compassion for the haters, don't buy into what they're saying, know you're amazing and move on.

Extravagance will bring you happiness. It's true that having enough money for food, shelter, your basic needs and a little fun is important. There are people with very little money who are extremely happy and on the flip side there are wealthy people who are miserable. Filling your life with fancy cars, houses and clothes to fill a void won't ever make you any happier. Happiness comes from within and not from expensive jewelry.

Outside approval is essential when making decisions. People are going to judge you no matter what you do, so you might as well be the truest expression of your authentic self and let your freak flag fly!

Aging is not ok. If a wrinkle shows up on your forehead it's like it's the end of the world. The message you're giving is that if you have wrinkles there's something seriously wrong with you and you're flawed. The thing we all have in common is if we're lucky and we make it far in life we're going to start to age. Wrinkles are proof that we've smiled a lot during our lifetime. They are a road map of awesome and should be celebrated not ironed out as if all those smiles and good times never existed.

What would be so great Kim, is if you opened your beautiful eyes to see how amazing you really are on the inside and celebrated THAT on your show. I see it in you. Now's your opportunity to let the world see it too. You have created this amazing fan following and platform for positive change. You've got the power. Use it girl! Break the internet for something else besides your epic booty.

The awesome in me sees and bows to the awesome in you,

Taraleigh Weathers

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