03/15/2013 03:23 pm ET Updated May 15, 2013

Cycle for Survival LA

Life can be filled with hectic days where you're going a million miles a minute sometimes you forget to stop, look around and be grateful for everything you have and most importantly to give back a little. Most Saturday mornings are filled with the regular weekend tasks. Laundry, opening mail, catching up on email, basically filled with the "to do" items that don't get touched during the hectic busy work week. If you have children include all of the above plus fit in taking the kids to sporting events. This past Saturday many abandoned those Saturday morning traditions and focused on cycling for a cause.

This past weekend AOL and Huffington Post took part in Cycle for Survival. All proceeds raised from the event go directly to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center within six months of the event. We signed up to ride a bike, raise donations but we walked away with a priceless experience. We rode as a community to come together to fight against cancer.

I go to Equinox regularly but today I entered the door, worked out spinning, and walked away with a different experience. The Equinox studio looked different today. The weight room was missing the weights, exercise balls, and sleek trainers but replaced with over 50 spin bikes, a stage, balloons, cycle for survival signing board, cheering squad in bright orange cycle for survival t-shirts but the most important part would fill the stage later.

We cycled with our loved ones in our hearts, their names on our t-shirts, and a commitment to not forget their spirit. Our commitment is to not forget them and continue to fight for a cure against rare cancers. For the past four months the LA team has rallied friends, family, and co-workers to raise money. Our goal was to raise $12,000.00. I'm amazed, honored, and proud to say we reached that goal. We have committed to not stop and continue to raise donations. Our fundraising page will be live until early April. We're grateful and thankful to our family, friends and co-works that have made donations. Every dollar counts in the fight against rare cancer. If you're interested in joining the fight, please visit our team page.

Saturday, March 2nd we kicked off our team ride at 8 a.m. We rode together in teams of three till past noon. The stage was filled with tons of energy, cheerleaders, a DJ, and most importantly cancer survivors. I'm not sure we were prepared for how emotionally moved we would be while riding. We heard touching stories from cancer survivors. We heard emotional moving stories from cyclers about their loved ones lost to rare cancers. As we rode we cheered, shook pom poms, fist pumped, laughed, and wiped away tears. This past Saturday we stopped put aside life's hectic day and cycled for a cause to come together as a team and community in the fight against cancer.

Cheering on the bike, fist pumping to my teammates and fellow cyclers I realized that it's these moments that I live for most. The moments we come together, share personal stories of survival, and keep our loved ones memories alive. Together we ride stronger, together we can make it happen, and together we will fight cancer.

Do you want to join the ride next year?

Please visit Cycle for Survival for more information,

To learn more about Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center visit