03/26/2012 03:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Will a New Candidate Enter the GOP Race?


Most pundits and pols say no, but the tarot cards say yes, a new candidate may transform the GOP race for president by entering late. I admit, it's hard to imagine who could enter a presidential race so late in the game. None of the usual suspects seem likely -- former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush just endorsed frontrunner Mitt Romney, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels have both said no, convincingly. So, it's hard to imagine just who this knight on a white horse could be, but the cards predict he'll ride in before the GOP's August convention.

The Tower in the Foundation position points to a shakeup of the GOP race that would rock it to its core. The Death card's position here suggests that many Republicans are looking for a rebirth or reset of this race.(The Death card in tarot represents total transformation, not physical death.)

The Devil card with the Ace of Cups crossing it indicates that Republicans are feeling trapped and frustrated, locked in to an "inevitable" nominee who doesn't inspire them. The Four of Cups shows voters refusing to accept what Romney offers, and the Seven of Pentacles shows them reassessing their options. The Ten of Pentacles in the Future position, combined with the Nine of Pentacles in the Influences position indicate that money would flow to this late entry candidate, who, based on my 2012 predictions, might enter the race in July (note that the Death card, signaling a transformation, falls in the month of July in my 2012 Overview spread).

The Ten of Swords in the position of Fears suggests that this new candidate and his supporters would be well aware of the monumental risk involved in entering the race so late. Indeed, the reading below suggests that Romney would still prevail in his campaign for the nomination.


The Three of Wands in the Foundation position here shows voters scanning the horizon, hoping for a better candidate to appear. The Five of Wands and the Three of Swords underscore the infighting and anxiety that Romney's candidacy continues to churn up within the Republican party. But, the King of Pentacles in the Outcome position predicts that Romney will probably still win the nomination after a long, drawn out fight that my 2012 Overview suggests won't end until the GOP convention in August.

Key to the Cards

New Candidate Spread
Subject - Page of Wands
Environment - The Devil
Obstacle - Ace of Cups
Ideal - Death
Foundation - The Tower
Past - Four of Cups
Future - Ten of Pentacles
Attitude - Seven of Pentacles
Influences - Nine of Pentacles
Hopes/Fears - Ten of Swords
Outcome - King of Swords

Mitt Romney Spread
Subject - Eight of Cups
Environment - Five of Cups
Obstacle - Two of Pentacles
Ideal - Nine of Pentacles
Foundation - Three of Wands
Past - Two of Cups
Future - Five of Wands
Attitude - Page of Cups
Influences - Five of Pentacles
Hopes/Fears - Three of Swords
Outcome - King of Pentacles