01/13/2015 11:28 am ET Updated Mar 15, 2015

Look Beyond Your Resolution, See Your Legacy

Most of us look at the changing of the new year as a time of renewal, when we resolve to make ourselves better, happier, and more fulfilled than we were the year before. But what if this year, we looked beyond our resolutions toward something broader -- a personal resolution that will leave a lasting legacy.

Sadly, 92 percent of all New Year's resolutions fail.

Why? As a legacy coach, I don't think it's simply because of poor willpower, goal-setting, or an inability to stay on track.

My experience has shown me that to ignite lasting change takes takes having a vision far larger than our simple, personal desires. While our personal desires are important, the creation of a lasting legacy can go so much deeper.

More and more often, I see my coaching clients not attaining the satisfaction they had expected from six-figure salaries, buying the latest fad technology, traveling to exotic locales, being with a sexy partner, or anything that is simply materialism. In fact, many people I know who have created a vision board for their ideal life often end up unhappy with the results.

This is because your soul knows the difference...

You were born into a time of profound change, one that presents great challenges to each and every one of us. I imagine that if you are reading this, some part of you understands that you are here to contribute your gifts, talents, and treasures to steward a more sustainable and just world.

You have a particular cause, passion, or life's work that truly lights you up. Likely, that passion is as unique as you are.

I've had clients start social enterprises, volunteer at orphanages, save rain forests, and write world-changing books. The sky truly is the limit. You have a particular legacy that you are meant to leave and I encourage you to get started on it now!

Here are three ways to help you discover it:

1) Imagine that you are on your deathbed and are asked whether your life had been a success. If your answer is no, what would you need to do in order to recreate your life as a success? (This question is inspired by Gay Hendrick's book 5 Wishes.)

2) Imagine that you are at your eulogy and your beloved friends and family are sharing about your contributions. What do they say? How did you inspire people?

3) If you had $10 million dollars and could contribute towards any cause or issue that truly matters to you, what would you do?

These are just a few questions that can help you to consider the impact that you want to have. Allow yourself to dream big on behalf of the world. Nothing is more rewarding than making this the year that you start your legacy project. I wholeheartedly encourage you to find out what lights you up and go for it!

Tarra Christoff, MA is a legacy coach who helps people create socially conscious businesses, work, retirement, and legacy projects. Visit and sign up for a free e-course, 7 Steps to Discover My Legacy.