10/22/2013 08:00 pm ET Updated Dec 22, 2013

My Conversation With Dr. Patrick McCarthy About Ending Poverty: America's Silent Spaces

Tonight on PBS, I sit down with Dr. Patrick McCarthy, president and CEO of The Annie E. Casey Foundation, a private charitable organization dedicated to helping build better futures for disadvantaged children in the United States. Dr. McCarthy and I talk about the launch of Ending Poverty: America's Silent Spaces, a 4-year initiative to examine barriers and identify solutions to alleviate poverty in the United States.

In the clip below, Dr. McCarthy talks about the barriers preventing society from addressing the widening income inequality and the ramifications of not doing so.

For more of our conversation, be sure to tune in to "Tavis Smiley" tonight on PBS. Check out our website for your local TV listings: After the show, tweet me @TavisSmiley #EndingPovertySilence and let me know what you thought about our conversation.