11/22/2013 08:35 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

My Conversation -- and Mini Jam Session -- With Dave Stewart

Tonight on PBS, I have a lively conversation with musician Dave Stewart, co-founder of one of the most successful musical duos of all time, the Eurythmics. In addition to talking about his musical career, Stewart talks about his plans to launch a global creative community bank for artists.

Stewart's latest album, Lucky Numbers, was recorded in just 12 days while sailing on a boat in the South Pacific. In the clip below, a certain talk show host joins in the chorus as Stewart sings "How to Ruin a Romance," a track from the new album.

For more of our conversation, be sure to tune in to "Tavis Smiley" tonight on PBS. Check out our website for your local TV listings: After the show, tweet me @TavisSmiley #DaveStewart and let me know what you thought about our conversation.