10/24/2012 02:04 pm ET Updated Dec 24, 2012

The Top 20 (Cause 10 Ain't Enough) Reasons (Excuses) Black Folk Will Give if Obama Loses

  1. "They said Obama was winning!"
  2. "I didn't get to the polls, but I did say a prayer for the brotha!"
  3. "You know they wasn't gonna let no Black man have no two terms!"
  4. "See, what had happened was...."
  5. "I couldn't get my outfit together!"
  6. "Racism."
  7. "I must have caught that 'Romnesia,' is it 2012 already?"
  8. "They knew in the second term he was finally gonna hook US up!"
  9. "That damn Stacey Dash!"
  10. "They suppressed my vote!"
  11. "I'm part of the black bourgeoisie 1%, I had to vote for RoMONEY!"
  12. "That line was too long!"
  13. "I ran by the house right after work cause I had forgot my sample ballot; got me something to eat, sat down for a quick minute, and...."
  14. "Girl, it was raining!"
  15. "They stole it!" (Not impossible)
  16. "It's a C-O-N-spiracy!"
  17. "The media. Ok...Fox News Channel."
  18. "The Illuminati took him out... he wasn't going along with the program."
  19. "I had to work that day."
  20. "I thought that was NEXT Tuesday! Dang, my bad."
All jokes aside, too many close elections are decided by the margin of eligible voter absence at the polls. Turnout matters.

What's YOUR excuse going to be?