07/31/2015 02:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Life Doesn't Suck, We Are Just Confused


Dear Confused Friends,

Why are we all so persistent on claiming that life sucks? One moment we are talking about the happiest time in our life and then in a blink of an eye and an unwanted text message later we are claiming that life just sucks. You see, I never intended to write a post about how to make life suck a little less, because quite frankly who am I to know anything about that, you know? Until recently when my friends all claimed to be having a hard time with what life was throwing at them. That is when I realized at our age we go from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows in the span of two minutes on some days. The rollercoaster of emotions is exhausting and most times requires one to slow down and take a step back for just one moment to breathe, yes, that's right. Just take a breath. Whether you're having a rough break up, experiencing the loss of a dear friend, or even something as small as a bad hair day. Just take a breath and carry on.

We all know it takes a lot of work to constantly look at life with the glass half full and even with constant work, some days the glass will be half empty no matter how many positive thoughts you cram into your brain. So here I am writing and reminding, you and I: That on that god awful, unwanted, no good day, we are gonna be fine, because there is of course always a little good in the bad, just ask ying&yang.

Be proud of yourself
Be proud of yourself. I think this is probably the key to happiness right here. Be proud of who you are and who you aspire to be. No matter what happens in your life you are bound to have rough days that seem to keep on coming. You think you are all good and then bam another one bites the dust--yeah I know a song lyric at the wrong time when talking about our luck, but come on it's true. No matter how many moments that continue to bite the dust in your so called "sucky" life, be freaking proud of yourself. You are way stronger and courageous than you think, even when you are acting a little off your rocker if you know what I'm saying.

Love yourself
You know, I know this sounds very moot to life not sucking, but I promise you the minute you truly find yourself falling in love with yourself (not in a creepy, wannabe in a relationship type way, just like hey I'm cool and this is who I want to be type way) you will open doors for yourself that never seemed possible. God gave you, you. He created you to be different, because just like so many people in your life, he believes you too are special and will change the world. So embrace this. Love yourself enough to put down the last donut or hell embrace it enough to step out of your comfort zone and take on life without the fear of not being good enough. It really comes down to the fact that you are everything and more, my friend. You are simply too much uniqueness not to change the world for the better and I will be damned before I let you not see that, so please save me the time and love yourself.

Bet on yourself
Last but not least, learn to take chances on yourself. You want to go skydiving but are scared to jump, jump next time. You can't draw but love the idea of it, gosh draw a stick figure and be pretty freaking proud of that stickman. You want to cook, but risk burning the house down- ask a friend to cook for you- it's like the same thing. You want to go to the movies but no one will go with you, go by yourself. You like a guy, tell him. You want to put on an alien suite and go to a fraternity house, that's cool. You want to lose weight, put the donut down and take a walk. You want to go out and party till 5AM and have a test at 8AM, I mean you only live once and it won't kill you, right? You want to delete all social media and live in the moment, power to you. You want to read a book, read it. You want to lay out, go lay out. You want to learn French, learn French. You want to weave, please just weave. You like your best friends not so little brother, the heart wants what the heart wants. You want to back your friends car up into a pole, well maybe don't do that. You want to sing lyrics that don't exist at the top of your lungs; please do it and I'll let you borrow my friend mace to sing along with you. See the point is you are the master of your own destiny, and one thing I have learned through my 19 short years is that if you truly set your mind to something, there is nothing you can't or won't do to be successful and on top of that you betting on yourself is probably the most kick-ass thing you can possibly do.

These three short pieces of advice seem simple and repetitive, yet, I promise you, that there's something behind them. I feel as if I know a little something because in the past year I lost myself completely and I found myself looking at life as if it sucked, and the truth is, it doesn't. Life is pretty damn awesome, but if you choose to hate life, you'll find yourself only seeing the bad parts of your life rather than the good parts. You'll find yourself only remembering the part of your day where you got your heart broken, rather than the moment all your friends and your parents came together to make sure that your broken heart was the last thing you thought about- even if your friend decided to get drunk and pee on your bed, because she thought it would create a great laugh and stop the crocodile tears escaping your sad eyes. You will remember the moment you sat in your room completely alone wishing to be with all your friends, but forget how Netflix in your room became a healing place for you during the rough times. You will remember losing another friend too young for his own good, but you will forget how you and your friends sat around the table sharing endless stories and celebrating that young amazing life God took home way too soon. Wherever you may be in your terribly, sucky, no good life there is always something beautiful, wonderful, and special that you have yet to notice.

So I ask you again, does life really suck? I hope not because, when I look at your life I see a million opportunities for you to lead this amazing and most likely history changing life, don't let the bad days get you down my friend. Just take a breath and remember this moment right now, and how you feel as if you could do anything in the world. How you could quite possibly be invincible, and hell for myself in this moment I could even probably fly a plane right now the way I'm feeling (not that any single one of my friends would let me fly them with my driving record). I guess what I want for you and I is to just hold onto this feeling and jump, fly, soar, run, dance, or even dive into feeling this and promise yourself to live and breath every single moment of it. Take it in and remind yourself for these few minutes you took a breath and not a thing in the world sucked, yet it still all existed. That my friends, is what life is about and that's what makes it so damn special.


Life doesn't suck; we are just confused.

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